Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Florence Welch and Alexa Chung. Love the fashion.
These two lovely and very style savvy young ladies are my personal style icons. They truly inspire me and I really appreciate their one of a kind style. I feel like they are both feminine, quirky, eccentric and daring when it comes to fashion and that's what I love about them! I would wear every outfit pictured below and it is totally normal for me to look at a picture, find similar pieces of clothing and make it my own<3 I am also in love with Florence Welch's fierce and fiery red hair..this is a project that I will be working on soon with mine! Oh yeah!!

This picture of Alexa Chung above is actually the reason why I adore black tights and cut off shorts now ;o) I saw this picture, got inspired and now it is a staple look for me and I feel so comfortable when wearing it.

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  1. I love Florence!! I am so excited about seeing her perform in July.