Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hippie Candy.

Photos By Kyle

Outfit Details:

Dress: Rugged Wearhouse
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: For Love
Bracelet: Rugged Wearhouse


"Made up my mind to make a new start. Going to California with an aching in my heart. Someone told me there's a girl out there With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. "-Led Zeppelin

Soft floral prints, feather earrings and untamed long wavy hair..this is when I feel the most like "me". I LOVE the "hippie" vibe/style and actually always have! I would wear a flower crown made out of lovely daisies every day if I could<3 Here are some pictures that inspire me below:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Photos By Kyle

Outfit Details:

Dress: Rugged Wearhouse
Belt: Rue 21
Boots: Rack Room

My sweet obsession: Floral dresses<3 And as for the title, I was singing this song in my head and it made me happy!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fancy Pants.

Photos By Kyle Boen

Outfit Details:

Dress: Wal-Mart
Tights: Target
Shoes: Rugged Wearhouse
Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: ?
Vintage Hat: The Knitting Mill
Lipstick: Neon Orange;MAC

Hi :o) I'm feeling a little bit fancy today!! I found this lovely vintage hat at The Knitting Mill, which is a beautiful restored turn-of-the-century sewing factory located in Chattanooga, TN. Very cool inside indeed housing lots of antiques and vintage collectibles. I just fell in love with this hat! The combination of pink roses, velvet bows and the adorable polka dot veil seriously gave me the warm and fuzzies. I've had it for awhile now, but wanted to wait and pair it with the perfect outfit<3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clothing XChange.

 Photos By Kyle<3

Outfit Details:

Dress: Clothing XChange
Tights: Target
Shoes: Rugged Wearhouse
Necklace: Francesca's Collections

Happy Wednesday :o) One of my absolute favorite places to shop in Nashville is called Clothing XChange located in Hillsboro Village. It is a trendy unique thrift store that has some of the cutest clothes. Like any other place, you kind of have to search the entire rack of clothing to find something you really like..that is exactly what I did when I found this $5 dress. As you may know..I am a huge fan of anything resembling a ballerina<3 So you could only imagine my excitement when I found this. The necklace was a gift from one of my dearest friends for my birthday! I actually picked it out, but she kindly surprised me with it. These shoes, I was completely intrigued by them the moment I saw the shiny gold out of the corner of my eye in Rugged Wearhouse one day. I am very selective when choosing an outfit and this is actually my first time wearing these shoes, but I feel they complement the gold in the necklace and tied the look together. All in all..I love this outfit :o)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Frivorite. Faday.


I know. I know. I am doing a terrible job keeping up with my days and hours and minutes and seconds! Two Friday Favorites back to back. >sigh< I wish I had an excuse other than a purple unicorn hacked my computer and I was unable to get on here for an ENTIRE week ;o)

...anyways, I'll make it up to you..promise!!
Here are are few of my favorite things<3

Favorite Lemonade: PINK!!


Favorite Taylor: Taylor Momsen with this super-cute pose.

Favorite Feather: Pink Peacock.

Favorite Little Kate: Kate Day :o)

Favorite Dog: PRINCESS<3<3

Favorite Fabric: Vintage Floral.

Favorite Shoe: This Beautiful Sparkly One!!

Favorite Idea: How stinkin cute is this . If only I could rewind my life and hit pause on Oct. 18, 2008, I would have all of my beautiful besties lined up and draped in vintage dresses like these below! I LOVE vintage floral, I live for vintage floral print. Ha. I may have to ask Kyle if he will marry me again just so I can do this<3<3

Friday, May 13, 2011


Happy Friday!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things.....

Favorite Show: Sex and the City

Favorite Fruit: Blueberries

Favorite Designer: Betsey Johnson 

                                     Favorite Stores: Urban Outfitters.

 && Forever 21.

Favorite Magazines: Nylon. Seventeen. Teen Vogue. Marie Claire.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend<3

Monday, May 9, 2011


Photos By Kyle

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Tank: American Eagle
Belt: Thrifted
Gladiators: Belk
Earrings: Charming Charlies
Bracelet: From my sister

So SO sorry for neglecting my blog for this long. I seriously just got caught up with life! Truth is..I did miss posting :o) This skirt was the first piece of clothing I ever bought at Urban Outfitters (it was kinda a big deal) and I believe it was on sale for $10. Not kidding..I fell in love. It reminds me of beautiful watercolors<3

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Bells.

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Albertville, Alabama to attend the wedding of our friends Kendra and Stevo. It was so beautifully decorated with mustard colored sunflowers and had highlights of red candles burning on the reception tables. Her dress was perfect! Vintage, lace and pearls..I adored it so much<3
They also had this cute little booth set up as you walk into the church. A table with a variety of mustaches, red kissable lips, clown noses and sunflowers. Kyle and I decided to both go with a mustache ;o) it was fun and such a clever idea. We forgot our camera at home, so please excuse the picture quality of the top two photos. I had to use my cell phone, but I still wanted to capture my wedding outfit.

..and my curly ponytail!!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Express
Sweater: Express
Tights: Target
Boots: Rackroom
Rose Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Bracelet: Rugged Wearhouse
Owl Ring: Forever 21