Friday, June 10, 2011

Frivorite. Faday.

Hi sweet friends!! Happy Friday :o) Today I decided to share some of my favorite Summer items that I really enjoy and love!!

Favorite Summer Scent: Viva La Juicy.

This perfume smells like flowers and cotton candy<3

Favorite Summer Swimwear: 1950's Style.

I am in love with 1950's swimwear and the adorable floral swim caps. This was also said to be the decade of swimwear glamour. I agree!!

Favorite Summer Hair: A Messy Bun.

Favorite Summer Combination:

I love the combination of short shorts and boots in the summer! This pretty cropped floral top and knit hat mixed with black shorts, the chain necklaces and black boots really work well together! I love mixing soft and hard pieces.

Favorite Summer Treat: Ice Cream


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