Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY Ombre.

Ombre. Haven't you heard?? It's all the hype around the world now! It seems like everywhere I look in magazines, a new celebrity has their hair dark at the roots and gradually fading to a lighter shade at the bottom. I would usually stray away from the current trend that everyone is doing (I like to rebel) but with this trend..I've been dying to do it forever it seems and finally got up the courage to buy some bleach and give it a whirl. The worst I planned on happening was: I fry my hair horribly and have to cut it off in to an unblushingly cute pixie like Emma Watson sports. Well, I am so happy with the end result. I apologize for the picture quality..I used my phone! I decided to use L'Oreal Paris Frost & Design for dark brown hair in Caramel. I did a test strand for 30 minutes and decided to just jump in to it afterwards! So I put on my gloves and seriously  just covered the ends in bleach for 30 minutes, washed it out and blow dried it. Then I added some more color to the tips of my hair for another 20 minutes to lighten them even more. I think I did a pretty darn good job ;o)

Below are some ladies with dark brown hair like mine with the "Ombre" look.

..and the queen of  "Ombre" since her Sex and the City days, Sarah Jessica Parker. (LOVE) but anyone who really knows, already knows that!! :o)

Really wish I had our good camera, but the ends are not orange..more like a golden- bronze. It works. And I am very pleased with how it turned out, now I can unravel the knots in my stomach. Don't over think the process, it is extremely easy!!


  1. Very pretty! I am too much of a chicken to do any color alone. I have not had color on mine in 4 years! I sort of have "natural" highlights and I enjoy them. If my hair would ever grow I wouldnt mind trying this! :0)

  2. Your hair looks great!! I recently dyed my hair from dark brown to a bronzy red, and I love it. My natural color roots have started to grow out, but I'm totally letting it happen. :)


  3. Hey I just found you through google because I really want to try the ombre look myself and I just have to say - great job!!! It looks so amazing on you and I'm totally inspired because we have similar color and length of hair. I will probably go to the hairdresser because I'm way too nervous to try on myself and I need a trim anyway :)